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Im Gonna Make It All The Way

I cried the day you left me and I still don't know what kept me

From jumping off the highest bridge I know.

My poor heart was breaking, I felt lower than a snake-in,

That is just about the lowest you can go.

I finally stopped my drinking, fell down and started thinking,

That it's no pay to relive yesterday.

I tried to hide my sorrow, started living for tomorrow,

I think I'm gonna make it all the way.

You hurt me and abused me, took advantage of and used me,

I swear it almost made a wreck of me.

When I needed your devotion, you were never in the notion

You were cold as any iceberg in the sea,

Love to you had lost its splendor, my pride went out the window,

When you left me, I kept begging you to stay.

But now my heart is healing, and I got a real good feeling,

I think I'm gonna make it all the way.

My troubles came in bunches, I kept rolling with the punches,

You'd shoot me down and I'd get back again.

I tried to be your lover, in no time I did discover

Your loving cup was not for me to win.

Your kisses weren't the same but I kept kinda fan the flame,

Till I just couldn't take another day,

You can't blame me for trying, now I stopped my crying,

I think I'm gonna make it all the way.

I tried my best to take it, but my smiling face didn't make it,

'Cause in my heart, I knew there was no hope,

Each place reminded me of the memories of your love,

I've come right to the end of my rope.

That's when I met my new friend, she's just as much a true friend,

Treats me like a lover here to stay.

And it's working out so well now, you can go to hell now.

This time I'm gonna make it all the way.

Yes, this time I'll make it all the way.

Yes. I think I'm gonna mak

Фрэнк Синатра

Im Gonna Make It All The Way / Фрэнк Синатра

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