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Take me to the other side of town
Just as fast you can
Before my baby puts me down
Now please, won´t you hurry
See, she´s got me worried
Don´t want to lose her love
Cross town is too slow
Hitchhike into no no
She´s all i´m thinking of.
Got some catching up to do
Like a fool I broke her heart in two
And start your meter running
Get your engine humming
Just wanna see her
Just wanna see her
Get along the meddle
Tonight i´m gonna settle
Had a seizure
And I know it grieves her
Take me to my baby´s place just as fast you can
You got to get me there on time
Freeway will be quicker
No man´s gonna get her
I´m going out of my mind
She is why i´m living
This is why i´m willing
Jumping red lights, stop signs
Just get me there on time.

Брайан Ферри

Taxi / Брайан Ферри

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