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Фрэнк Синатра Фрэнк СинатраАмериканский актёр, певец (крунер) и шоумэн

Polkadots And Moonbeams

Writers: Burke/Van Heusen

A country dance was being held in a garden

I felt a bump and heard an "Oh, beg your pardon"

Suddenly I saw - polka dots and moonbeams

All around a pug-nosed dream

The music started, and was I the perplexed one

I held my breathe, and said "May I have the next one?"

In my frightened arms - polka dots and moonbeams

Sparkled on a pug-nosed dream

There were questions in the eyes of other dancers

As we floated over the floor

There were questions but my heart knew all the answers

And perhaps a few things more

Now in a cottage, built of lilacs and laughter

I know the meaning, of the words: "ever after"

And I'll always see polka dots and moonbeams

When I kiss my pug-nosed dream

Фрэнк Синатра

Polkadots And Moonbeams / Фрэнк Синатра

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