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I Saw You First

Legend: [Girl]

[I saw you first.] Now wait a minute. [Nobody else is gonna get you]

[I saw you first.] Yeah, I mean it. [Nobody else is gonna catch you.,]

[You smiled at me, that was my lucky break,]

[Gave you that double take, except to myself]

Quote [Oh Frankie!] unquote [you gave advice] I did?

[I suddenly found myself in clover.]

[I tumbled flat] You sure did. [that was the time that you took over].

[If someone else wants to try this love scene,] with me?

What do I tell em, baby? [Just tell them I saw you first.]

I'll try to remember that I saw you first. [lay?] Baby I should have seen you sooner.

I saw you first. [oh gee] think you could ever stand the crooner? [Uh huh]

You smiled at me, that was my lucky break, gave you that double take

Except to myself [What did you say?] That does it!

You gave it this, I was like a clown in clover,

And that first kiss, that was the time that you took over.

So if my other love affair should go and burst, remember I saw you first

Фрэнк Синатра

I Saw You First / Фрэнк Синатра

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