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I'm falling
Don't bother
I rather end up where i dropped off
Not making
I guess i feel like i don't fit
You're speaking but i just can't hear you
Who do you think is listening
You noticed
I didn't
Go figure if you got a minute
You're reaching
I'm leaving
Don't say i never gave you nothin'

It's gettin' just a little creepy
The thoughts are there but nothing's sleeping
It's hard to say whats on my mind
The words are always one step behind

Waitin' on a redlight sittin' on a time bomb
Nothin' seems to go right
still remaining calm
Walkin' on a tightrope emotionally amazed
A careful execution that slaps me in the face
Waiting on a redlight
But still remaining calm

I'm fed up
So boring
Swimming in a pool of quicksand
Not making
A scene
Please insert the nervous breakdown
Take a needle stitch my mouth shut
Then apply a little make up
All the stupid things i'll say
Pressure keeps building every day

[chorus x3]

catch me im fallin'
i dont wanna land where i fell from

Келли Осборн

Redlight / Келли Осборн

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