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Not Everyone Knows

(Billy Swan - Bob Morrison)

Not everyone knows how sweet your kiss is
Not everyone knows how warm your hand is
How soft your lips are and when you like to take your time
How sweet your love flows, not everyone knows.

--- Instrumental ---

Not everyone knows what your favorite song is
Not everyone knows what your idea of wrong is
The things that you laugh at and the things that make you cry
Your highs and your lows, not everyone knows.

What's everybody sayin' doesn't matter to much
The best part of love doesn't show
The feelin' we feel when we touch is such
We're the only ones who should know.

What's between you and me is ours together
It's easy and free and keeps gettin' better
We're not tryin' to hide no anything no everything shows
What makes it grow, not everyone knows.

Not everyone knows your highs and your lows
Not everyone knows.

Not everyone knows...

Крис Кристофферсон

Not Everyone Knows / Крис Кристофферсон

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