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(Larry Gatlin)

Rain falling always falling rain hurting never ending
Tear come the tears of sorrow fear of today tomorrow
Cry when there's no use crying goodbye there's no use trying
It all runs together when your loved ones are gone
And your head spins in circles.

And you're lyin' with your face down in the rain
Salvation Army band playin' their all night stand
Rain pouring from the sky blind people passing by
No one will help 'em now no one will even try.

This is his time at last his life is fading fast
His fate was fled away he tries but cannot pray
This is the way we live we take and never give
Someone could've helped him but no one would try
'Cause his pride wouldn't let them and now he's gonna die.

There in the rain shall we gather at the river?...

Крис Кристофферсон

Rain / Крис Кристофферсон

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