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The Loner

(ian hunter)

I was born
On the 3rd of june-hard labor-gemini moon
I was raised
In a country town-livin' dead were all puttin' me down
And my flesh and blood-my flesh and blood
Kicked me out - they never understood that..
That it's alright-its alright- it's alright to be a loner

Skin and bone, skin and bone, lean lookin' won't you let me take you home

How about is babe, how about , a little love 'til the money runs out
We'll give 'em hell babe, we'll give 'em hell
I ain't the kind that's gonna kiss and tell
I'm alright -you know I'm alright- it's alright to be a loner
Its alright-its alright- it's alright to be a loner

Turn out the lights-bring on the night- oh baby I'm a loner

I got my bags-i got my boots- I got ma wits about me-i got my roots
I gotta guitar-40 years old- I'm gonna play it til the stories been told

We'll knock 'em dead girl-we'll knock 'em dead
So when you think o' me remember what I said
Its alright girl-its alright girl- it's alright to be a loner...
Its alright-you know it's alright-its alright to be a loner
Tonights the night I'm gonna strap you in tight
Oo baby, I'm the loner

Иэн Хантер

The Loner / Иэн Хантер

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