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Стивен Моррисси Стивен Морриссивокалист и лидер английской рок-группы , в Дэвихелме, Манчестер (Великобритания).

Striptease With a Difference

This re-shuffled pack brings back the sickness of luck,
Because the ace in my hand is such a shock
Exchanging queen for your two while you're out of the room,
Have a shufty over your shoulder (well it's a shady game)
And I want to lose
Oh, please let me lose
Oh, please let me lose
It's nothing to you
It's nothing to you
I'm cutting this queen
(well, this six is chewed)
You're all un-disguised
(I'm stuck on shoes)
So, have you ever met a bad winner ?
Well, how do you do...

Стивен Моррисси

Striptease With a Difference / Стивен Моррисси

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