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Девендра  Банхарт Девендра Банхарт музыкант и художник, певец свободы и мистик, психоделический сонг-райтер и пантеист

This Is the Way

This is the soup that I believe in
This is the smoke I'm always breathin
This is the way I share my breakfast
This is the way I serve my sentence
I know I know I should lay low
I should stand tall
This is the beard I'm always growin
I know they're here
I see them floating
Her empress beards
They float so holy
Their beards are here
They gently hold me
Well who knows who know
Yeah I may come home
Yeah I may return
This is the way
I'm always leaving
This is the soft voice of the evening
This is the way I hear my father
These are the flames that drown the water
Well I knew I knew
I could stand tall
I could lay low
This is the sound that swims inside me
This circle surrounds me
This is the land that grows around me
And these are the hands that come in handy
Well we've known we've known
We've had a choice
We chose rejoice

Девендра Банхарт

This Is the Way / Девендра Банхарт

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