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Couldn't Get It Right

Time is driftin', this rock has got to roll,
So I hit the road and made my getaway.
Restless feeling, I really gotta hold,
I started searching for a better way.

And I kept on looking for a sign in the middle of the night,
But I couldn't see the light, no I couldn't see the light.
I kept on lookin' for a way to take me through the night,
But I couldn't get it right, no I couldn't get it right.

La fever, made me feel alright,
But I must admit it got the best of me.
Gettin' down, so deep I nearly drowned,
I can't get back to where I used to be.


New york city, took me with the tide,
I nearly died from hospitality,
Left me stranded, and took away my pride,
Just another know it? ? of fatality.

Chorus (repeat to fade)


Couldn't get it right is a cover of a song originally by the climax blues band.


Couldn't get it right appeared on the album mimosa.

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Fun Lovin Criminals

Couldn't Get It Right / Fun Lovin Criminals

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