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Tusk And Temper

Bedneck your gowns in bricks.
There’s leeches stealing across the stage.

Come hell or ocean water I won’t end up without.
Applaud the gall of the black cloud groping a drunken teenage vow.
As saline drips from her prom dress, damp hands are desiccated.
There’s a wolf at the window of the second floor who kidnaps your date with a new car.
We both want the same thing.
Bad poetry and assaults at the bar.
Just try and stop me.
We are the only one in the world.
Prepare the ballroom.
Quicksand in front of the coat check.
Waltz with the scarecrow in the spotlight through the rye.
I was born a wanted man.
But I’ll die a sailor’s wife.
God help me pick the lock to her room I have to make this right.
Scream the hounds to sleep for me.
I’m creeping around in your head like a vine.
Your spit is the meat of the rose harvested by the dull.
Let fly the doves, unhook their leather wings from the fog.
Put your foot and mouth together for the sweethearts of Vietnam.
In a photo taken of us,
At the reception held at the jail lover boy is breaking up just off to the right side of me.
I will stop at nothing.
I am the siren that sings you home.
Is that clear.
I will stop at nothing.
I am the tooth in your jewelry box.
Is that clear.
Let pry the crows.
Unhinge their crooked beaks from the clock
Put your foot and mouth together for the sweethearts of Vietnam.
Bolt the gate and head for the ivory tower.
Adoration is cutting the phone lines to your heart.
Love is here.
I am the snarling and starry-eyed.
We both want the same thing.
Better aim at the stranger in our yard.
Just try to stop me.
I am the blinding light of your life.
Prepare the body.
I’ve been better but thanks for asking.
Wait with the scarecrow for the spotlight in the rye.
I’ll eat you alive.
The calm will come again.

Every Time I Die

Tusk And Temper / Every Time I Die

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