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 Eiffel 65 Eiffel 65поп-группа

King of Lullaby

Truth or belief
I see a man sleep on the street
With golden clothes.

Oh oh oh
I run standing still.
I hear a melody as it fades in a dream.

Oh oh oh
You, king of lullaby,
A dream inside my mind.
King of nothing
But you give a smile.
You, king of lullaby,
The world is yours at night.
King of magic,
But in the end,
King of lullaby.

Inside my dreams.
I speak a language that
I've never known before.
Oh oh oh
I can float on air,
As the sweet melody is opening the door.

Oh oh oh
You, king of lullaby

Eiffel 65

King of Lullaby / Eiffel 65

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