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Фил Вассар Фил Вассарпевец, поэт-песенник

I Miss The Innocence

Not a worry in the world
A crazy boy and a pretty girl
Man life was simple then
Nothing that we had to do
No one to answer to
'til reality stepped in
We're growing up
We've changed so much

I miss the innocence
The way it used to be
The way that we outran the world
'til it caught you and me
I miss the way it is
The way we used to laugh
The way it felt to fall in love
When dreams were all we had
Days like this
I miss the innocence

Another morning here I am
Between a dead line and a traffic jam
Cursing all the signs
We didn't talk before I left
We're always busy doing something else
And lately that's been on my mind
We're always rushed
There's no time for us


I miss the innocence

Фил Вассар

I Miss The Innocence / Фил Вассар

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