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Фил Вассар Фил Вассарпевец, поэт-песенник

In a Real Love

Well I was eightteen, making minimum wage
With a letterman jacket and a Chevrolet
Thought I was cool
Yeah, I ruled the school
You were cum laude with the strawberry lips
Had the whole world danglin' at your fingertips
Your senior year, and I was your daddy's worst fear

We ran off on graduation night
Thought a couple of left-hand rings would make everything alright

With a little bit of live, little bit of learn
Little bit of watchin' a few more candles burn
And finding out what life was
Ooh, with a little bit of fuss, little bit of fight
Little bit of kiss and makin' up all night
And one day waking up
Oh, in a real love

Yeah, that's right

Well I was twenty-two, working double-overtime
I was spending dollars and making dimes
We were overdrawn, and barely hanging on
Then one night you came to me
With tears in your eyes and an EPT
And said, "Guess what? Yeah baby, ready or not"

Well I just smiled but I was scared to death
How am I gonna have a kid when I'm still a kid myself


Whoa, in a real love
Yeah, it's a real love


Yeah baby, it's a real love
Yeah, it's a real love baby
Yeah, it's a real, real, real, real, real, real. real love
Yeah, that's right
Haha, whoa

Фил Вассар

In a Real Love / Фил Вассар

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