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Close Up

this might sound a bit crazy
but i can't help but say it
i'll tell you what i saw
and you'll tell me what you think
this a.m. after breakfast
i was cruising past the sidewalk exit of
the store where you work every morning
and this blond-haired boy with his trumpet toy
and his new shoes on
and your hair was long
you were flipping left and right as you work
he was saying things you were listening you were talking back
you thought i didn't see that but
baby everybody's always said i had eyes behind my hat

i held you in close up
i held you in close up
i didn't want to get too excited
wasn't invited to the party
so i didn't come in

oh girl i held you in close up and you lied
i know i'm abrasive but i'm not control creation
i just demand what i need
and i trash what's left
we're tired that's alright
we learn to believe in cold nights
and many we've seen in this outfit
cloudy skies with you
rainy eyes with you
and this other jake
he's such a flake
and he's slimed me with every intention
what a tragedy what sight to see
now i'm throwing dirt because that really hurt
and no nnnnnnnothing's gonna make me believe
we could be what we were


Oh i held you in close up
and you lied to my face
oh baby you've been a bad bad girl
i held you in close up x7

And this is wh-what, oh, oh, is what i get
ohh you've been so bad

Гевин ДеГро

Close Up / Гевин ДеГро

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