Damn Right

(James Otto / Monty Powell)

You can always find me here
Raisin hell and drinkin beer
With all my good-time buddies
Cuttin up and havin fun
Yeah the jokes can be on me
And I dont mind usually
Im an easy-goin, back-slappin son of a gun
But she just left me
And thats just left me undone
So you dont want to push your luck boys, not tonight
Just dont bring up her name one more time

If you think Im in the mood to pick a fight
Youre damn right

Shes gone and I admit I was wrong
But I cant quit
Thinkin about how good our love used to be
And the whiskey numbs the pain
But in the morning when I wake
Ill be hungover hangin on to a memory
And Ill order one more round
Lose the Coke and keep the Crown
And just drown my misery
And Ill blind myself with liquor and neon lights
Alone and stoned out of my mind

If you think Im flyin high as a kite
Youre damn right

Now Im just tryin to make it through
But gettin over you is a long, long road
And Im a strong man, but its killin me
Lettin go
And Id love to say it aint, but I cant lie
Yeah pretend that I got somethin in my eyes

If you think Im gonna break down and cry
Youre damn right

Youre damn right

Damn Right /