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Bad Bitch

the girl be,cookin and cleanin and cleanin and cookin...
she be constantly douchin and cleanin her pussy
and when she step on the scence ay body be lookin
and ta, get in them jeans ay body be wishin
but she,only want playas who far from rookie
and if ya, aint got tha cake..cant play wit tha nookie
her titties sittin pretty and she soft as a coushin
if ya,try ta holla she might holla she tooken.
and she walk like a bad bitch, talk like a bad bitch
and goin get her hair and shit fixed is a habit
the bad bitch goin bout fifths mo' than average
and bad bitches get to take trips wit tha savage
you can never tell a bad bitch a freak,she too classy
but shit, i can tell from her lips that she nasty
expensive ass passes gripped to tha masses
she mean as a pitbull but sweet like candy

now thats a..a bad bitch(x4)
girl you a bad..a bad bitch(x4)


uh,you wanna bad bitch? trinas tha baddest
and im thick and fine from tha cornbread and the cabbage,a savage
i would give you my numba so you can have this
but i dont need tha stalkin prank calls or tha madness
my ass like whoaaa my goodies incredible
im in this cheerleadin skirt and these legs flexible
you flippin and pushin and pushin and flippin
now u can have an old lady if i want you i aint trippin
i got, my own money, own cars, own house
i could cook a meal same time and turn a nigga out
im tha example of what you what up on ya t.v.
but these bags and my time gon cost 3,uhh
now i aint gotta meet cha mama gimme dollas
gimme guchi,gimme chinell pearls and gimme proda uhh
a hood chick i got cho man, what a tradegy
he gimme his paper to his plastic...ima bad bitch

now thats a..a bad bitch(x4)
girl you a bad..a bad bitch(x4)

now make ya self sing cause you a bad bitch
girl u a bad bitch,yeah you a bad bitch
now sho yo ass off cause you a bad bitch
girl you a bad bitch, yeah you a bad bitch
mayne i love dem bad bitches with them sexy ass tatoos
them bad bitches with them bad bitches attitudes
she a damn fool,got a crib..she'll lemme camp
make sho her nigga stayed filled with dem food stamps
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do you know what that mean?
mayyyyne,own damn house flossed out big screen mayyne
i bring tha whole hundred shit, whatchu gon do fo me mayyne
look at her own income,she a beast mayyyne
bad bitches holla biznez first then dem streetz mayyne
she aint cryin ova no nigga she aint weak mayyne
tha kinda bitch that put a real nigga on his dick mayynee

now thats a..a bad bitch(x4)
girl you a bad..a bad bitch(x4)


Bad Bitch / Webbie

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