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Джордж Страйт Джордж СтрайтАмериканский кантри-певец

Why Not Now

You take it nice and easy
You play it safe 'cause that's what people do today
I guess that's ok
Girl somewhere in your mind
There must be a perfect time to fall in love
But baby I'm burning up

So why not now, why not here?
Darlin' my heart just ain't too clear
Oh what are we waiting for
Cause I've never been so sure
Why not you, why not me
Livin' like we were meant to be
Together, forever
Why not now

Right here in this moment
We could start a love to stand the test of time
Baby you know that's right
No one knows tommorow
The mornin' sun could rise and take our chance away
Long gone with yesterday.....so

Repeat chorus twice

Джордж Страйт

Why Not Now / Джордж Страйт

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