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Джордж Страйт Джордж СтрайтАмериканский кантри-певец

That's The Breaks

Well that's just great
Just what I needed
The icing on the cake
You're leaving
But I give up
Throw up my hands
There's nothing I can say or do
I've done all that I can

That's the breaks
The way the cookee crumbles
What goes around comes around they say
That's the breaks
The way that ol' cookee crumbles
What's been coming round ain't been gong my way

Well surprise me
Tell me something new
I know leaving's what I've got coming from you
And I'm sorry
You know I am
But one way or another I'll come through
In one piece once again

Repeat chorus twice

What's been coming round
Ain't been going my way
That's the breaks

Джордж Страйт

That's The Breaks / Джордж Страйт

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