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Without Me Around

You said she asked if you knew where she could get
Some old boxes
Cause she was going to pack up everything she owned
Where the closest u-haul place is
And what the cost was
This time tomorrow she'll be gone
She says she knows of a place to sell her ring
For a good price
That and what she saved will get her by
If she can find a job in that little town
That she's headed to
To start over with her life

Without me around
Taking up her time and tying her down
Without me in the way
She'll be free to enjoy the freedom
You say she's found without me around

Said she didn't know what she was getting into
When we got married
But she knows damn well what she's getting out of
Said she's had enough of a man who's never there
When she needs him
She'll be better off in the long run


What she found without me around

Джордж Страйт

Without Me Around / Джордж Страйт

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