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She Lays It All on The Line

Her hair is red
And her eyes are green
She's soft and tender
But she can be mean
She knows what it takes to keep me
Right on track
And when it comes to love'n
She don't hold noth'n back....

When she loves me..
She's nearly out of control...
When she loves me...
It come from deep in her soul...
When she loves me...
I know she's all mine...
When my baby loves me,
She lays it all on the line.

Out honky tonky'in
Where the lights are down low...
She always ask the band...
To play something'n real slow..
When we get home I know she'll
Take up the slack...
Cause when it comes to love'in
She don't hold noth'in back....

When she loves me
It the things that she says,
When she loves me,
She's way out on the edge,
When she loves me,
I lose track of time
When my baby loves me,
She lays it all on the line.

My baby taught me someth'in
Everybody should learn
When you play with fire,
It's alright to get burned,
You really don't mine it
If you lose or you win
The only way to do it
Is to get out on that limb

Джордж Страйт

She Lays It All on The Line / Джордж Страйт

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