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Disco 2000

Well we were born within one hour of each other.
Our mothers said we could be sister and brother.
Your name is Deborah. Deborah. It never suited ya.
Oh they thought that when we grew up we'd get married, never split up.
We never did it although often I thought of it.

Oh Deborah do you recall.
Your house was very small with wood chip on the wall.
When I came around to call you didn't notice me at all.
I said let's all meet up in the year 2000.
Won't it be strange when we're all fully grown.
Be there at 2 o'clock by the fountain down the road.
I never knew that you'd get married.
I would be living down here on my own
on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago.

You were the first girl at school to get breasts.
Martyn said that yours were the best.
The boys all loved you but I was a mess.
I had to watch them trying to get you undressed.
We were friends but that was as far as it went.
I used to walk you home.
Sometimes it meant nothing to you
cause you were so very popular.

And now you've paid your money and you've taken your choice.
I know we'll never meet again but I want you to know,
want you to know that I remember every single thing.

Oh what are you doing Sunday baby.
Would you like to come and meet me
maybe you can even bring your baby.

What are you doing Sunday baby.
Would you like to come and meet me
baby you can even bring your baby.


Disco 2000 / Pulp

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