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Onway Love

Smooth is your skin, afflicted with sweet scent
graceful is your slender appearance
so young and beautiful you stand
and still I cannot comprehend

I can feel your fear, read your view
There's aggression between your words
manifets of helplessness scar your mind
like a young animal fighting for it's victim

I'm prosecuted you make me feel the guilt
and still it doesn't bother me at all
I'm a beast without a tender call
that you are trying you strenght with

far from you my thoughts stick on one grief
same as your's, that you're not aware of
the roles are switched, curious justice
my heart is bleeding along with yours, though far away from you

Love is a dreadful thing
love is where the pain is
what we can't have we are acheing for

Umbra Et Imago

Onway Love / Umbra Et Imago

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