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Under The Influence Of Love

Walking on a cloud feeling high
It happens every time whenever I'm with my guy
Tripping on love and it feels so good
I can't help myself and I wouldn't if I could

But he'd got that certain touch
That I'm addicted to
Love's really got a hold on me
And there's nothing that I can't do

Oh I'm under the influence of love
And I know there aint no doubt about it
Oh I'm under the influence of love
And I know I just can't live without it
Need another dose can't get enough
I've just got to have all of my Baby's love
And when I'm alone feeling sad and blue
He gives me a shot of love
And I'm as good as new

Helpless as I am and
I still don't care
His tenderness is what I miss
Whenever he's not there


There just aint no one else
Who can bring out the love in me
So many guys I've tried
The've tried to get to my eyes
But he's the only one I see


Кайли Миноуг

Under The Influence Of Love / Кайли Миноуг

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