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Кайли Миноуг Кайли МиноугАвстралийская певица, автор песен и актриса


No-one else I know can
thrill me like you do
I only ever want to go-go
dance with you
You're the dream boy
of my bedroom poster
Now we're on a roller coaster ride

You're the greatest gift
that I could ever wish for
And there's not a single thing
I wouldn't give for
A little time with you my koocachoo
'cause I'm so in love with you
No-one else can take me
to the highs like you
You show me all the colours
when I'm feeling blue

You're the brightest shining
lights on Broadway
Pink in evening sunset every day


Even at night when I'm sleeping
You're all I'm ever dreaming of you


Кайли Миноуг

Koocachoo / Кайли Миноуг

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