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Heaven Help Us

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I II tell you what I see,
Slowly but surely it s genocide, the fate that we shall meet.
We say we are the civilized, none as advanced as we,
Seeking the knowledge of space and time,
as we poison the earth, the sea, and sky...

All we see is the ground beneath our feet, never looking twice,
Take a look around the world at all the ignorant sacrifice.
Profit was the main thing on our agenda through all of the years,
never thought twice about a living thing or
all of the future tears we II cry.

The fact is without a doubt,
Our time is running out,
Heaven help us.

Tons of acid and toxic waste, are dumped in the air we breathe,
Millions of barrel of nuclear waste, beneath the earth and sea,
The price of pollution cannot be set, it s an unworldly cost.
The damage is done and we cannot forget, the senseless
And needless lost of life...

Slowly building up, like a time bomb ticking away,
No one seems to care, that our world is wasting away.
Someday we II be sorry and we'll have ourselves to blame,
No one wants to admit the fact that we live our lives in vain
To die.

Cirith Ungol

Heaven Help Us / Cirith Ungol

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