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Heel On The Shovel

I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
An to the sun your face I'll raise
I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
One hundred buzzards buzzin'

I seen death hangin' from the tallest tree
Eyes closed no lookin' back at me
Ye they came an took him in the night
The one who kissed em was greed

Oh everyone will see
An everyone will know
Boy you reap what you sow

I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
An on your rotten bones I'll raise
Yellow daisies
For my true loves hair

Oh I'm all hitched up an runnin'
I see death runnin' from his majesty
Oh Lord where is the fear in me
In between your praying hands
You hold the skeleton key

16 Horsepower

Heel On The Shovel / 16 Horsepower

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