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I won't suffer,
be broken,
get tired,
or wasted,
surrender to nothing,
or give up.
What I started and stopped it from end to beginning.
A new day is coming,
and I am finally free.

Run away, run away,
I'll attack.
Run away, run away,
go chase yourself.
Run away, run away,
I'll attack, I'll attack, I'll attack.

I would of kept you forever,
but we had to sever.
It ended for both of us faster than a--
Kill off this thinking,
it's starting to sink in.
I'm losing control now,
and without you,
I can finally see.

Your promises,
they look like lies.
Your honesty,
like a back that has a knife.
I promise you,
I promise you..
I am finally free.

30 секунд до Марса

Attack / 30 секунд до Марса

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