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Nice Guys

i've never felt this way about anyone
no, not anyone
now i'm on my way
i've never been this close around anyone
no, not anyone
who makes me feel this way

when you're near my heart beats a thousand miles an hour
i gotta know, i gotta know
don't wrap me up in your candy-coated flowers
'cause i gotta know, i gotta know

nice guys wait
nice guys wait
nice guys wait way too long

i've never felt so good about anything
about everything
boy, you've got me good
i guess you always knew
and you always kept your cool
and now i'm feeling a little tired

now my heart, it bleeds a thousand times an hour
you gotta go, you gotta go
the time i waited for you has turned from sweet to sour
to let me know, to let me know

you were always what i wanted
i don't nkow what i want now
you should have run to get me
i gave you all the chances
star-crazy, big-eyed glances
you sure, you sure wasted time

Halo Friendlies

Nice Guys / Halo Friendlies

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