What You Think Of That

She was just an ex of a nigga
Who kept her from her fullest potential
Always played games with her mental
And every type of shit to make her self esteem little
But now her days are always so fly
Shes a diamond on the rough no lie
Im rough enough to make the diamond shine
Just like a trophy on my pode held high
And now I know, oh I know

And shes good to me, great to me
She crowned me to be the King
Now what you think if that?
Cause shes down for me, my homie, my tangeroni only
Now what you think of that?
Cause she stay real with me, deal with me, perfect to be my wife
Now what you think if that?
Shes beautiful to me and I dont care what you think of that
Now, what you think of that?

She always keep it at a hundred
Never caught fake, phony, or frontin
Always show me love when I want it
And never lose her cool over nothing
I admit she a gift no lie
The type of girl that youd be dumb to pass by
Shes a blessin when she came in my life
And Im so happy that shes mine, oh mine
I know, Oh I know!



This is dedicated to the woman
Thats makin it
Through the struggling and taking it inside
I know that its hard cause I seen the pain
Through the tears on my mommas eyes
Tryin your best to be strong
When your past did you wrong
I got your back girl things will be fine
And I gotta give you credit, dont sweat it
Its gunna get better, forever youll have my love
And thats all I know, All I know!



What You Think Of That / Jaheim