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I Am Music

[verse 1: timbaland]
I'll be with you on your way to work
When your car turns on, you'll probably hear me
You can't run your car without me (without me)
Want a deal, costs you a hundred g's
I am, I am

[chorus: static]
I am music
I'm melodies and harmonies
Stereo and mono
On the radio, the radio
I said I am music
I'm simply dope beats
Intros and drum rolls
On the radio, the radio

[verse 2: static]
I'll meet you at a summer jam
I'm with you pm or am
I'll work out with you when you're at the gym
And when you clean the house, I'll be in the den
Cuz I am

[chorus 2: static & timbaland]
I am music
Melodies, harmonies
Mono, stereo, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am music
Simply dope beats
Tempos, drum rolls, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[verse 3: aaliyah]
You may find me at a shopping mall
I'm not buying but I'll be for sale
I'll be a feeling when your talent shows
Might even hear me at a restaurant
Cuz I am

[repeat chorus 2]

[guitar interlude]

[repeat chorus 2]


I Am Music / Тимбаланд

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