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Fat Rabbit

I be that ni**a named luda a.k.a. l-o-v-a, l-o-v-a f**k that s**t ni**a what u
Wanna say one time, south side lets ride. and if u like what u do, so what ya
Feel then I know u gone mark my word cuz y'all drop s**t like birds then it's
About that time 4 ya a** to get served. just lay it on down, just lay it on
Down while we relax to the type raps and the tight tracks that that ni**a
Timbaland put down. oh yes!letz get it on down to tha nitty grit don't have no
Time 4 tha petty s**t cuz I got mo d**k then a lil bit. and time fly's when i'm
Havin fun, I can make a ho get like forrest gump and just run baby run. I guess
That they can't handle it this brotha's just to scandoluz if u don't wanna get
Freaked get up out my just like ina ambulance. getti up getti up ride on to tha
Real and let death tell the fate and tell ya boyfriend just to chill don't
Playa hate sit back relax and take ofy ya shoes while I gotta tell ya what i
Wants to do (uh ohhhhhhhhh) yea.
(chorus) let me touch it(let me touch it) let me feel it(let me feel it) like
Me grab it( let me grab it)fat rabbit ( fat rabbit) repeat.

Fatter the fat facts like a dub sack showin them where that luvs at so open up
Ya eye's and get a surprise like in cracka jacks. punan don happy givin up that
Nappy dug out get tha cut up then I cut out why u dtandin there with ya but out
(whoooo) and it's alwayz in the back of my mind wherever the place whenever the
Time even in college park after dark imma get that sunshine. closer then close
Closer then most then I'm all up in ya 4 beginna give me a thigh, breast, and
Leg, like mrs. winner. and let dinner b served can I get it ona platter shatter
Ya bladder, and put so much lite in ya life I make the roaches scatter. the
Wetta the betta I'm cummin to get ya gotta have that rabbit like that chedda so
I can freak ya like I just met ya. hot like a sauna get comfy like ina caddilac
Nick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone jack. sick back relax and just take off
Ya shoes while I gotta tell u what I wanna do. (uh ohhhhhhhhhhh) yea.


Yo love is supercalifragilistic u don't know how bad I missed it if it's broke
Then don't fix it ya stuff is butter like a biscuit. reminise like mary I gotta
Pop that cherry kinda like that coohie u wanna be my hoochie betta then my
Adversary. don't be so scary I never thought that u could act up make a ni**a
Wanna back up keep it tight through the nite while I wet this track up. then we
Can slip and slide make u wanna dip and dive trippin while we rip and ride till
I get u to cum inside. gotcha where I wany ay ass in the case of an emergency
Break the glass keep ya eye's on the present and erase the past and be happy
That we got mo blunts to pass. get done up and run up and the guts of ya but
Don't shake like it used to I wake ya up like a rooster take it slow not faster
Then a turbo booster. no worry no hurry no pain no game betta keep ya eye's on
Strain cuz ain't a damn thing changed main, kick back relax and just take off
Ya shoes while I gotta tell u what I wants to do (uh ohhhhhhhhhhh) yes.


Ad libs


Fat Rabbit / Тимбаланд

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