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Roses To Noone

(music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet)
I'm feeling this time as bad as never before
A bleeding wag is fading away
Once you needed me for spending delight
Below the funny mask there's a crying face
The way that I smile is the way that I cry
But you'll never realize
My reputation is the one of a fool
Now watch like a poet dies, feel his cries

And I dedicate my roses to noone
Cause there is no mind to help me to see
A reason we need, a light for the lonesome
And noone to drink the blood that I bleed

The poet in my own wasn't given some
Chances and from that moment on
I lived apart, and I realized that I am my
Best friend and not those parasites

That try to stare into my heart
The way that I feel is the way that I heal


Roses To Noone / Edguy

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