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 EAST OF EDEN EAST OF EDENБританская прог-роковая команда

Jesus Cries

In the beginning there was light
The world could feel his holy might
Born into a world he soon would leave
People would not listen, people would deceive
He tried to bless, he tried to heal
He told the mighty powers to conseal
The disciples of his father, born of god
They believed that they would bleed the holy blood

My god, my god. Why have thou forsaken me?
I am nailed to this cross, but spiritually I'm free

For god so loved the world
That he gave us his only begotten son
And that whosoever believeth him should not perish, but have everlasting life
Jesus cries...
Jesus cries...
The star upon the sky, is it just another lullaby?
What a world do believe could be all a fucking lie!
I'll never serve in heaven
I rather rule in hell


Jesus cries
A blessing from the skies
Jesus dies


Jesus Cries / EAST OF EDEN

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