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 EAST OF EDEN EAST OF EDENБританская прог-роковая команда


Music and lyrics: Dan SwanoAdditional lyrics: DreadLead guitar: Dan SwanoArranged: Dan Swano, Benny Larsson

I hear the sound of darkness
moving closer to my ears.
All alone and wounded I lie here
resembling all the years.
This war is over for mankind.
The X-machines will end us all.
Technology is fatal. We will see the future
and then we fall.
Thunder and Lightning.
The rain is whipping my naked skin.
Screaming. Dying in sin.

the x-machines just wiped away all life.
the blood-colored sky
is the only thing
that will live when i die.

All dead, all gone, all hope is lost.
They came from nowhere to end our race.
I see the center of the world,
it's now a desert that no wind will embrace.
Dark formations,
shadows laugh.I lie here waiting for the end.
I know they will send the last ones
down to make sure that we all descend.
Nightmares come true. Why can't I put myself away?
Dying inside. Or am I already dead?


Women and children screaming in pain.
I hear the sound of darkness moving closer to my ears.
This war is over for mankind.


Blood-Colored / EAST OF EDEN

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