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 EAST OF EDEN EAST OF EDENБританская прог-роковая команда

Of Darksome Origin

Music and lyrics: Dan SwanoAdditional music and lyrics: DreadArranged: Dan Swano, Dread, Sami Nerberg, Benny LarssonBacking vocals: Dread

I am immortal.I am strong.I am godforsaken.
I am in command and nothing will go wrong.
I am eternal.I am blessed.I will awaken.
I am the reason to why all dead can't rest.
Evil.I feel the darkness growing in my soul.
Power. join me, the nightly, I am in control.

of darksome origin. bring life to the dead.
they are my soldiers who soon shall be fed.
Die! Of darksome origin.
They call me the bringer of torture.

They've named me the lord of hate
But the things I've done this far is nothing.
The head of this world on a plate.
I am invincible.I am the one.
The greatest tyrant. The darkest son.
I am thy master.I am king.
You know you will be dead when I am gone...
No use of trying to challange, I've already won.
Fear me.I am the king of what you stand upon.

of darksome origin...

I awoke = Jesus died.


Of Darksome Origin / EAST OF EDEN

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