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Перри  Комо Перри Комо Американский певец и телезвезда 1940-1950-х

My Own Peculiar Way

It would be a comfort to know you never doubt me
Even though I give you cause most every day
Sometimes I think that you'd be better off without me
Although I love you in my own peculiar way!

Don't doubt my love if sometimes my mind should wander
To a suddenly remembered yesterday
My thoughts could never stray too long away from you
Because I love you in my own peculiar way!

Though I may not always be the way you'd have me be
Though my faults may grow in number day by day
Let no one ever say I've ever been untrue
I'll always love you in my own peculiar way!

I'll always love you . . .
In my own peculiar way!

Перри Комо

My Own Peculiar Way / Перри Комо

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