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Лютер  Ронзони Вандросс Лютер Ронзони Вандросс Певец, композитор и продюсер


I love when the day is new
We get to start all over
But the thing is sometimes getting through the day
Is just one big hustle

The world is waiting, dawn is here
Ain't got time to waste, we need to work, my dear
Hurry, hurry can't delay
Get up and start today, it's time to...

[Chorus I:]
Oh, trying to keep things together
Working all day, finding a way... to hustle
Soon I'll be back to you
But first I got a lot to do

We learn to fight to survive
And that's how we manage to stay alive
Then we lwt the night settle in
Then I get to see my bab again

I know you're waiting patiently
You're home beofre I am, and so you wait for me
Anticipatin', I rush I do
I'm coming back to you, I've got to

Oh, I can't stay in this place
I've got to see my baby's face (Hustle)
Sure as I breathe and live
I've got a lot of love to give

You're my lady, I'm your man
Let's turn the music up
I think it's time to dance
Night has fallen
Spirits rise
Ain't no compromise, we came to...

Up all night, don't stop yet
Just let the music make you sweat and
Forget about the work we do
I just wanna be with you


Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

Hustle / Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

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