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Лютер  Ронзони Вандросс Лютер Ронзони Вандросс Певец, композитор и продюсер

Once You Know How

One day I was cryin'
'Cause I thought that
Love was something that would
Never come my way, no way

That's when somebody told me
Not to worry
They said love would surely one day be my friend
And I would never have to be without it again
And it's because

Once you know how
You just never forget how to
It may seem kinda crazy
But it's a sho-nuff thing
Been tested and found true
Once you know how
You just never forget
How to love

I'm in love
Yes, I am, at last
I can love


Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

Once You Know How / Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

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