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Лютер  Ронзони Вандросс Лютер Ронзони Вандросс Певец, композитор и продюсер

She's A Super Lady

She's a Superlady,
She is, too much,
Wish I could make her mine,


What a superlady,
a-ha, alright,
She's so fine,

Not long ago I was,
A sad and lonely boy,
Did not know how to get better,

Then heaven up above,
Sent me a super love,
And now I'm happy forever.

No one wants to believe,
I've got a perfect love,
They say I'm just talking crazy,

But I can prove it's true,
If you'l allow me to,
Tell you 'bout my Super Lady

She's all that I could explore,
She's more than a dream,
She's my everthing

[Chorus 2x]

Whoever thought I would,
Be feeling half this good,
The world for me is new place,

I'll drink to happiness,
Because our love's the best,
The wine for me has a new taste,

I'll let my lady know,
I'll never let her go,
Forever I'm gonna hold on,

She said she feel's the same,
Don't wanna play no game,
Just wants our love to live on and on,

Wish I could fly to the sky,
And write out her name,

Climb to the top of the world,
And loudly exclaim,
She's my everything
(She's my everything)

(oo-oo) I love (that superlady) [x4]

She 's much, too much,
she's got that super love
She's much, too much for my heart

[Repeat til end]

Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

She's A Super Lady / Лютер Ронзони Вандросс

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