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Commandments tossed aside
A snakes whisper can blacken any heart
Will you cross the line
And taste the fruit that poisoned
Senses take no stand
Contradicting all that you've stood against
Corruption gives a hand
And it will bring you to a world of deceit
Succumb to
The song of the sirens
Slowly it consumes me
I cant
Give into the demands of my own demons
That are slowly eating away inside me
Leaving me disheartened with nothing left to defend
Is consuming my entire existence
Rendering all my defenses unconscious
And bleeding my will until it crumbles to dust
I have not given up
I cant give up
From where I stood
This is the norm of modern day
So incomplete
Can I survive this day
All shame in my being
My self control is fleeing
Losing direction
Losing direction
Theres no right solution
Wallow in my illusion
Losing direction
Losing direction
The fight has just begun [x3]
I've swallowed all my pride
And showed the world that I've nothing to hide
Nothing ventured and nothing gained
In the end theres only one to blame
Succumbing to
The song of sirens
I am so sick of this world
I am so sick of this tainted existence


S.O.S. / Diecast

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