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Live life without you
Without you
How can I live life without you
Without you, how can I

Justify the fallen innocent
Show me where to direct all frustration
Wish I had the power to turn back
If only to saw those three words

I engage this grief
For you were
My only everything
I fell to the floor
Fall, fall for cover, for cover
From truth that scars

And so I'm left bemused and still
Emotionless I'm in disbelief
It feels like I'm dreaming
But I can't stop the screams

Take the pain away from me
Burn so deeply
How can I live life without
You have paved the way for me
Gave me purpose
So I try to live life without you
And so I'm left to search the skies
For answers
This hole inside
Can never be filled without you
Without you


Fractured / Diecast

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