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Am I Not Yours?

Who's your school friend? He's left you some messages. He'd love to see you again - he thinks your ideas are brilliant..and since you've been going out for coffee with him lately, well, is he a pretty good-looking guy? Jealousy am I not yours? We stopped for some alcohol. You stayed in the car. The bars had gotten out, that line was so long:and I saw you over on the pay phone. So I was thinking - who do you ever call at one a.m.? yeah, I wonder who that was. Jealousy. I am not yours. We lay so stiffly, and act like we're sleeping. But my eyes are staring, and you're not breathing heavily. I know when you're sleeping - you purr so softly on my neck. Jealousy. I am.


Am I Not Yours? / Cursive

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