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Fairytales Tell Tales

let's pretend we're not needy
let's pretend our hearts still beat
let's pretend we fall in love tonight
clumsy enough to fall for anything
we'll stumble on our words
we'll spill our guts on creaking bar stools
below the neon blue
low lives hiding in dives there's no feeling in drinking sleeping with strangers
ghosts passing through bedrooms unaware
a faint reflection on the barbacks mirror
a face I never knew whispering,
please don't be a stranger to me. who are you if you're alone
you're no good at pretending
all my plays have tragic endings
you wish I was a fairy tale
this frog will never change anything
just pretend that you're in love
that scolding sun is bound to come up eventually
so who is it that whispers in your ear
a haunting voice blows in through the window
there's no feeling floating over beds
a needy pleading apparition
crying 'who am I if I am alone?
I hardly exist at all.
let's pretend that we don't need anything anymore from anyone.
I don't want to feel anything anymore let's just pretend
we'll live happily ever after


Fairytales Tell Tales / Cursive

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