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Take It Ez

Verse one:
I'm {easy} easy, easy like sunday morning
I can kick a stupid nervous joint when I'm yawning
Ahhh, common's comin with that old oh excuse me
Elizabeth, this is a big one, I mean a dewe-dewe
Doogie, howser, cause see I'm like bowser
Kickin it with the sha-na-na-na, the t-shirt, and the
Trousers, how's the, family ties?
I'm left with the gift, open it up, suprise!
Big bat, filet-o-fish, quarter pounder french fries
Icy coke, milkshake, sundaies and apple pies
And a cup? nah, that's enough of that
I'm like an indian giver, yo, give me that back
Comin again hip-pop-pop-pop bring it back selector
We be the thoroughbred, so use your head, play the trifecta
Common infector, smug mc, heads up!
Ya better duck cause muck-a-luck, it's me
[now what's your name] common
Come in again... common
[how would you do it] common
[now how was she] common, check it out!
Common is coming soon to a theater near you
To the u-a-c crew, nuff respect due
Do I do, where I do, when I do
I do do do, yo I do it on the ease
Verse two:


Take It Ez / Common

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