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Embrace Me You Child

At night I heard God whisper lullabyes
While daddy next door whistled whisky tunes
And sometimes when I wanted, they would harmonize
There was nothing those two couldn't do

Embrace me you child, you're a child of mine
And I'm leaving everything I am to you
Go chase the wild and nightime streets sang daddy
And God sang, pray the devil doesn't get to you

I thought together they must sing the moon away
I thought that they must know each other well
For the magic that they made, when they played
Wasn't lost between their heaven and their hell

Then one night daddy died and went to heaven
And God came down to earth and slipped away
I pretended not to notice I'd been abandoned
But no-one sang the night into the day
And later night time songs came back again
But the singers don't compare with those I knew
And I never figured out where God and daddy went
But there was nothing those two couldn't do

Карли Саймон

Embrace Me You Child / Карли Саймон

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