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 Bubba Sparxxx Bubba Sparxxxрок, хип-хоп исполнитель

Bubba Sparxx

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Uh-huh, uh-huh
That fish, that money, Bubba Sparxxx..

Now allow me to present the very first resident
of this millenium mindframe, no angel but heaven-sent
So make a print on this landscape and when it's little as a handshake
I convince you to think of Bubba as yo' brother the color of mayonnaise
We lockin up these airwaves from LaGrange to that staircase
and your projects up in Queens with no budgets nothin but dreams
I consume me a couple of Beams now I'm feelin like life is wonderful
Got me seein past the lies that otherwise make me uncomfortable
I'm peepin out this jungle full of snakes, tigers and elephants
All huntin the same prey but the chase got them all negligent
And Betty looks so elegent but our motive's dirty like sediments
It takes more to make Bubba sway to slick talk at handsome measurements
Fuck it I'm turnin celibate - nah, I'm only playin
If yo' lady listenin now, takin her on home but she stayin
I bet y'all think he playin when he tellin y'all he the first
whutchacallit, alcoholic, with that 32-gallon thrist

[Chorus: Bubba Sparxxx]
Who was the first whutchacallit? Actin foolish at yo' function
The first whutchacallit - tryin out yo' daughter's suction
The first whutchacallit - lookin clean and still stankin
The first whutchacallit - in your head has gotcha thinkin
I'm the first whutchacallit - spinnin frequent in yo' city
The first whutchacallit - every weekend gettin shitty
The first whutchacallit - ridin chrome just because
I'm the first whutchacallit - with some nuts all in my drawers

[Bubba Sparxxx]
You probably saw me out in Kaia lit pushin up on Mya
When the vibe ask her why I bet she say that I'm a liar
But I feel like I'm that fire and these bitches share that sentiment
My project's in the woods scarin like the Blair Witch with
Flippin it, from one roll to another head then cut her
in the back, another knack, now picture that with out a rubber
Out the cutter twistin green, listenin to what you seen
That slick shit you spit get nada, not a fuckin thing
Fuckin Queens small time but mostly it's just bear holes
and assholes with Aloe but I guess you know how that goes
I'm shallow for now, but wait a second, it gets deeper
I'm through cryin over her cause after this shit I want neither
I'm off the meter totin heaters cause you showed me that's the sensity
A country Caucasoid talkin noise cause it's my destiny
What you thought it was ain't nothin like what it is
From the swats up to your neck, got every cent bumpin in


[Bubba Sparxxx]
Hey man forgive me if the thought of Bubba woke you from yo' sleep
But next time, get that phlegm up out your throat before you speak
Why won't you just compete instead of mumblin petty shit?
Or let me visit witcho' gul to see how wet that Betty get
Very sick how I spit, next let's hit the next millenium
I'm fuckin with the best, then I kill the rest, I pity 'em
Oh Bubba K's the silly one - hmm, that Sparxxx my interest
We lose so many units that the fuckin charts exempt us
For me to guard is endless, got me tryna get some ice
So I can see the pray to Christ, cause right now I'm hatin life
I won't never take advice so let me be to find myself
And even though I can't see I beg you Lord for helpin well
And whoever else that felt my plight, I hope you take flight
The flaws, snappin jaws, no applause, exit stage right
From daylight to the day gone if you ain't wrong stay strong
And show these fuckin faggots seven figures they can hate on


Whutchacallit, get yo' ass up, get yo' ass up, get yo' ass up
Get yo' ass up, get yo' ass up, get yo' ass up boy, get yo' ass up


.. Like that, 9-6, (?)
.. Bubba K, Khalifani on the beat
.. Rip the face off of this bitch
.. G.A. mob up in this bitch, like that
.. Baby give me love

Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxx / Bubba Sparxxx

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