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 Adorned Blood Adorned BloodСмесь black и viking metal со средневековыми мелодиями и использованием акустических инструментов

Old Great Master

The swords held high fire in the sky
and the warcry sounds like beasts
they fight for the gods
with sword and shield for freedom
high above in the sky

Old great master
how beautiful you are
I saw your eye in the sky
and touched the great star

We did it all just for you
oh god
you sent us the virgins
and we?re running out of life

Every time I touch the ground
I?m closer to your arms
my love is a deathmatch
but I?ll see walhalla one day

We did it...

The swords held high...

We did it...

Adorned Blood

Old Great Master / Adorned Blood

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