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Hold On

We're passing through this world so fast girl
Close your eyes and tap three times
No place like home will never come back
Someday we shall say goodbye

Shut your eyes just one more time girl
We won't fall for no more lies
Are problems here are temporary
Ordinary, never worry

Hold on, baby, hold on
This place is not our home
So just hold on, baby, hold on
It's not where we belong

(post chorus)
Head up high!
Hold the line!
Our fire inside must never die!

We're traveling strangers
We're the fortune
Growing stonger everyday
We'll stay up late
And raise our voices
Knowing things won't stay the same

Ancient pasts reveal our story
Wrote in blood and left to read
All the letters of the past
We're the first to be the last


(post chorus)

(chorus and post chorus)


Sub 7even

Hold On / Sub 7even

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